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Ultra soft hot bond non-woven fabric is tender to baby skin. Wide stretch waist band to easily fit on back that newborn babies could move freely. 3M Velvet magic tapes is softer and the viscous force double strong than other types.



Our Vision :

Our vision is to be a company with an understanding of customer-focused organization and to be a company which increases quality, efficiency and the variety of products using advanced technology in accordance with the terms of the national and international market; offers high quality consumer products in order to contribute to the happiness of people; increases consistently and significantly the value which we have contributed to the development of country industry, customers, employees, society; maintain to be a leading organization as a hygienic supplier of consumer goods in this sector.

Our Mision :

Our mission is to maintain our goal to be the supplier of the most preferred hygienic consumable products with our innovative products which take quality to focal point, not only with our exports, but also with our other industrial partnerships in the national and international market. In addition to this company's mission is to offer our products for customers which are sensitive to the environment and public health and to take care maintaining our value which is composed with superior quality, reasonable cost, competitive pricing.

Our Values :

  • • To be responsible to community, environment, its customers and industrial partners.
  • • To care about our employees rely on them to be fair.
  • • To be virtuous, ethical, respectful and honest.
  • • To promote the integrity of quality.
  • • To be adopted entrepreneurial, fast and continuous improvement as principles.
  • • to be focused on customer, consumer, cost and efficiency.
  • • to be adopted a working system which appreciates communication.

Our Quality Policy:

Our company has adopted the following principles for the continuation of our existence in national and international markets about hygienic textile products for the aim of using by children and adults.

  • • The quality of product progressing and products which is provided to be permanency.
  • • The quality which provides customer satisfaction and customer permanence.
  • • To be exist in the market with a corporate identity.
  • • Self-sacrificing work and follow-up these works for the realization of aims which has been determined.
  • • To be provided complete customer satisfaction by way of compliance with customer requirements and providing expectation.
  • • Adapt to the changing conditions of the world in time.
  • • Carrying out the requirements of legal legislation.
  • • Productivity
  • • To be steady improved of the system by means the better way to go.




We are looking forward to serve you with our experienced team.

Mr. Ender Tas

General Manager

: +90 212 777 54 24
: +90 533 491 77 13
: ender@missaglik.com

Mr. Ayhan Ipek

Export Manager

: +90 212 777 54 24
: +90 541 738 06 05
: ayhan@missaglik.com

Mr. Saad Alloush

Export Representative

: +90 212 777 54 24
: +90 505 118 16 17
: export@missaglik.com